Dave Truman

Technology Writer  •  Information Designer

Is your software product not as successful as you’d like? Maybe it’s because most people don’t understand how to use it, or worse, don’t even see how useful it is. That’s where I come in. I create content that bridges the gap between your product and users – content like online help and marketing materials.

I have a unique blend of technical knowledge and broad writing experience that lets me understand your product faster, and explain it to others better.

I, for one, welcome the day that The Matrix enables instant download of knowledge to our brains. But until that day comes, I am the best interface possible between software and the people who use it.

Technical Writing

User guides. Tutorials. How-to videos. Technical white papers. Embedded help. Web-based documentation.

Marketing Content

Product messaging. Marketing collateral. Software demos. Contributed articles. Corporate communications.

Information Architecture

Large document design and organization. Wireframes. Navigation and search design. Content usability.

Content Management

Publishing systems. Web content delivery. Wikis, blogs, and CMS systems. Content workflow. Knowledge management.

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