About Me

Living at the Intersection of Art and Science

I write, design, and organize content about technology. My goal is always to clarify technology and make it compelling.

For my entire professional life I have been wholly immersed in two different worlds: the world of computer technology, and the world of communication. I am passionate about technology, particularly software – it makes new things possible, and enables everyone to stretch their horizons in whatever direction they like. But I am equally passionate about communication, particularly writing and new media – it connects people and also stretches their horizons, in other ways.

I call myself an Information Designer and Technology Writer for simplicity but you may think of me as any of the following…

Technical Writer


Information Architect

Technology Analyst

Marketing Writer

Business Analyst

Content Strategist

Publications Manager

Dave, Numerically

  • Technical Writer, Marketing Writer 85% 85%
  • Information Architect, Designer, Content Strategist 75% 75%
  • Web Developer, Techie 50% 50%
  • Sales Guy 10% 10%

I, for one, welcome the day that The Matrix enables instant download of complex knowledge into our brains. But until that day comes, I am your best interface between technology and the people who use it.

Dave Truman, 2013