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Rich-Client Deployment in a ZAC-less World

I wrote this article which was published in “WebLogic Developers Journal”, a print magazine published by Sys-Con Media. The article is a case study describing how one company switched from the application deployment tool built into the BEA WebLogic application server (called Zero Administration Client) to a more full-featured standalone product called DeployDirector. The article assumes familiarity with Java custom software development, Java application servers and deployment, and Java EE.

This is a rare example of an article appearing under my own byline. Normally, as a member of the Corporate Communications team at Sitraka and Quest Software, I wrote contributed articles as a “ghostwriter”, which were published under the byline of one of our in-house technical experts. Often I wrote these articles entirely on my own based on source material. On other occasions I worked with the in-house expert on the article, helping them to shape their ideas, editing, writing, interviewing. Collaborators always found me easy to work with and hugely valuable in helping make the article clear, readable, and interesting. I cannot share these ghostwritten articles in my portfolio, unfortunately.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Snagit

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