Software Getting Started Guide

Olectra Chart cover

Olectra Chart 5.0 Getting Started Guide

I designed and wrote this engaging booklet for a commercial software product for Windows programmers. It was intended both for new users evaluating the product and customers upgrading to the new version. The product had been growing more complex and we had some feedback that users needed something to help them understand the big picture of how the product worked, and how you would get started using it in different situations. The guide provides quick info on installation, an overview of the product, new features, and where to go from here. I believed that the more engaging I could make the content (by style of writing, use of graphics and design), the more effective it would be in achieving these goals. The piece was successful, influencing increased sales and better reviews. The product itself was quite successful in its market, and was eventually sold to another software company when we exited that business.

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